Yanira Garza

Chicago native and now suburban transplant, Yanira Garza is a beauty & style expert by trade and mom of three by luck. After discovering she was pregnant for a third and according to her husband, final time, she was asked by friends and family if they could throw her a "sprinkle", a smaller shower for just the bare essentials. Not wanting to register just at the usual big box stores and wanting items from smaller shops and designers as well, she came up with a "list" of what she truly wanted. Though practical, a spreadsheet seemed a bit odd. Finding out that others wanted not only the same flexibility but the ease of having someone "shop" for them, Yanira combined her experience in fashion and as a mom to become a personal shopper for the perfect baby registry. And so the Little Luxe List was born, a personal shopping service for the perfect baby registry, where moms and moms-to-be can host their registry list in one place featuring their favorite items from smaller shops and big box stores alike, all carefully chosen just for them.

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