Our Mission

We embrace the fabulous community where we live and the incredible females that surround us. Mighty Mom Spot gives moms the opportunity to empower themselves and celebrate being a mom, all while making new mom friends!



My name is Jacki Ruh and I was born and raised in Northbrook. When my husband and I began thinking about starting a family, there was no question we were going to live on the North Shore. So here we are...

Our community is full of incredible women who share the goal of raising healthy, happy and kind children... truth be told, it’s no easy task. Like you, as a mom, I have questions, fears, frustrations, confusion, stress, guilt, etc. when it comes to raising my children. Mighty Mom Spot will connect moms with experts and fellow moms, creating a real life support system built on the foundation of education, trust, compassion and collaboration. No woman is alone in this great journey called motherhood - and Mighty Mom Spot will empower us to be the Mightiest Moms we can be!!